Apana Kriya

Prana & Apana

Prana er den livskraft og bevidsthed vi får gennem vores åndedræt og den mad vi vælger at spise.

Apana er den udrensende energi, der er knyttet til de nederste chakra.


Det er kun 1 time siden jeg afsluttede mit torsdagshold hvor vi arbejdede med ugens kriya “Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises). Den må åbenbart have aktiveret noget helt specielt i mine deltagere, fordi de stod i kø for at få Kriyaen med hjem. I stedet for at tage en masse kopier, vælger jeg at lægge den ud her, så andre måske også kan have glæde af den.

Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises)

Vatskar Kriya: Sit in Easy Pose with hands on the knees. Make a beak of the mouth and drink as much air as you can into the stomach using short, continuous sips, as if you were swallowing. Pull in and hold. Roll the stomach to the left, when the breath has been held in for half its maximum time, reverse the direction to the right. Continue rolling the stomach as long as possible with Neck Lock applied. When the breath can be held in no longer, straighten the spine and exhale slowly (not powerfully) through the nose. Repeat the complete exercise 2 times. Note: Always do this on an empty stomach and not more than twice per day.

Baby Pose: Sit on the heels and touch the forehead to the ground. Place the hands palm up by the hips. Imagine that there is a big, 100-pound tail coming off the end of the spine and wag it as if trying to make it break the wall. Move the hips left and right–a few inches–as if the tailbone traces out a “U”; this will churn the navel and the lower abdomen as you move. Continue for 3 minutes followed by 5 minutes of rest.

Lie down on the back. Press the toes forward. Lift the legs three feet. Start Long Deep Breathing. Continue for 2or 3 minutes. Inhale—hold briefly and relax.

Lie down on the back, bring the legs overhead and catch the toes. Roll back and forth from the base of the spine to the neck. Hold onto the toes and keep rocking for 3 minutes

Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises)_img_1

Alternate Nostril Breath: Sit up immediately in Easy Pose. As calmly as possible, bring the right thumb to the right nostril to close it off. Inhale through the left nostril, using the little finger, close off the left nostril and exhale through the right. Continue for 3 minutes, then inhale and feel the energy radiate throughout the body, giving health and life.

Sit in Easy Pose. Place the Venus Lock a few inches in front of the chest at the Heart Center with the palms facing the chest. Inhale and turn the head to the left; exhale and turn the head to the right. Continue for 3minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Stretch the arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground. Swing the arms back in a rolling motion as if swimming. Continue for 1 minute.

To end: Inhale and hold the breath as you bend the elbows, bringing the fingertips onto the shoulders. This magnetizes the electric current. While the breath is held, the energy starts circulating. Exhale— let the energy flow to all parts of the body and feel refreshed.

Apana Kriya (Elimination Exercises)_img_2

Comments: This is a good example of a simple but powerful series that was kept secret by those few yogis who learned it. This will allow you to completely master your digestive system and give a youthful appearance to your skin. Aging does not start just with years; it begins with nutritional deficiency, intestinal problems, untended emotional and physical stress and an inflexible spine that disrupts the flow of meridians as well as the rejuvenating flow of your spinal fluid. Exercise 1 adjusts the acid–alkaline balance in the stomach, but it must be done regularly without missing a single day. Exercise 2 strengthens the heart; Exercise 3 slims the waistline and cleans the gallbladder; Exercise 4 flushes the circulation and balances the nerves. Exercises 5 and 6 distribute the pranic force and stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid. Exercise 7 strengthens the psycho-magnetic field of the aura.

Ulla Upma Kaur Steen


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