Hvad din Kundalini Yogalærer ikke fortæller dig ;o)

1039626_723386587697182_4467707594486875909_o Velskrevet og “med glimt i øjet” indlæg fra Ana Brett og Ravi Singh, som jeg har lyst til at dele med jer.


Well, it’s not that they won’t tell you, but you have to know the right questions to ask!

1. Once You Bite the Bait You’re Hooked! Actually that’s a good thing. From the very first time you say or think Sat Nam, a seed of Spirit is planted deep inside. It’s a very hardy plant. Even if we ignore it, or forget to water it, it still grows. Its flowering represents our unique creativity and the celebration of Conscious- ness. That flower is destined to become the most beautiful thing on earth. Let it grow. Let it grow!

2. The Best Athletes are Not the Best Students. If you were among the last ones picked for Dodge Ball in gym class, you can still be a Kundalini Rock Star! The Universe doesn’t care if you can do 50 pushups, but it is very impressed when you raise yourself up, in spite of your doubts and difficulties. Do you feel that you are the tortoise and everyone else, fast rabbits? Well, according to that famous fable, guess who won the race?

3. You’ve Come a Long Way to Be Here. The Sages of the Ages tell us, that in order to even be in a position to have the opportunity to practice Kundalini Yoga, a student has to have Perfect Destiny. That means on some level, in some way, maybe even in some other lifetime, you had to have done something very meritorious, Spiritually victorious, to be granted the opportunity to walk a Path with Heart. Adherence to a True Path is known as Dharma (the Eternal Way). Maybe you saw a flier on a bulletin board and went to a Kundalini class because you had nothing better to do that day. Know that there’s lots more going on than meets the eye: Infinitely more!

4. Enlightenment is As Enlightenment Does. Contrary to what is depicted in so many books, “Enlightenment,” is not some grand cosmic “aha,” moment, in which the Universe reveals its secrets, and ecstasy flows like honey. Rather, enlightenment is the Awareness to know that we have to be account- able, breath by breath, and day by day, to our True Selves, to live on purpose with compassion and creativity. What determines enlightenment are our actions and legacy. The truly enlightened person knows that the higher one climbs, the further they have to fall.

5. We’ve Got To Walk In the Mud Before We Walk in the Light One can’t just decide to be a “Light Being.” The reason we’re here is to reconcile opposites. Earth and ether. Self interest and being interested in the Self. Everyone has to go through the up and downs of this human experience. We may walk in the light in the eyes of the world, but when we get home, we still have to take out the trash.

6. Your Kundalini Has Already Risen There’s no way that we could even conceive of taking the first step on the Spiritual Path unless Spirit had already begun its ascent in us. Spirit is not only in us, it’s the energy of the Universe, and that energy orchestrates and mandates seeming miracles so that the Divine Drama of our Homecoming in Self can proceed.

7. Teachers Are People Too Yoga Teachers are not perfect people. That’s a good thing. Perfect Teachers usually don’t sustain over the long haul, because the more energy one puts into trying to “look good,” very often detracts from the ongoing effort to “be good.” The trick is not be be slick but authentic. Rather than trying to find fault with your yoga teacher, it is far better to become the type of Teacher you’d always hoped to find. When Yogi Bhajan said, “I want to train Teachers to be 10x better than me,” he meant that literally. He was saying that he wants all of us to take the ball and run with it!

8. You Will Be Tested Sorry to have to break the news, but the honeymoon can’t last forever. Usually within 4 – 7 years of starting your Kundalini Yoga practice, you will hit a wall of ego. It can take many forms, but it will all come down to your ego’s strategy to subvert your inner efforts. If you create good habits now, and do a steady practice, you will have night vision during the “Dark night of the soul,” and breeze right through.

9. One Day You’ll Be the Teacher As in “pay it forward.” At a certain point on your Path the Universe will let you know that it’s time to give back, and to use your gifts to heal, uplift, and inspire. May you go forth fearlessly with an attitude of gratitude!

10. There’s Not A Moment to Lose You may still be in the mindset of, ‘Well maybe today I’ll take Pilates, and tomorrow I’ll do spinning, and maybe I’ll do Kundalini Yoga on Wednesday. The fact is that K. Yoga is not just another form of exercise. In the beginning, doing a K. Yoga practice once or twice a week is great. The fact is that: 1. Kundalini Yoga does things for us which nothing else can. 2. The deep Spiritual work which Kundalini Yoga promotes is something which part of us has possibly been waiting lifetimes to begin. Every day and every breath is an opportunity to do what we came here to do: matriculate in Consciousness and leave a legacy of healing and grace. Can you hear it? Your inner alarm clock says it’s time to awaken!

11.You May See Little Green Men On Your Yoga Mat Well probably not, but in the early stages of your Kundalini Yoga practice, you may see flashes of violet and brilliant blue while meditating, or any number of things. What does it all mean? It could be drug residue leaving your system. Or a sign that your higher centers are activating. It may be nothing, and it may be an unprece- dented gift of Grace. Bottom line: We need to be very discerning with regard to our process (clearing out layers of gunk) and what the process is directed towards (firing on all cylinders, the expression of Spirit in the real world). What to do? Keep meditating. What’s real and true will be revealed to you in the fullness of time. True Spiritual experience needs no interpretation. It’s Self- evident. When Spirit is flowing in us, everyday is a True Spiritual experience. It’s up to us to keep our practice strong so that Spirit can be a constant in everything we do and are.

12. Others May Start Noticing the Positive Changes In You Before You Do Because you’re so used to the same old you. As of your first Kundalini Yoga class a shift occurs and, as you move towards the Greater You (Spirit Rising), people will notice that you walk into a room differently, with more confidence and presence. That you have more energy and a kind of glow. What people start noticing is only the tip of the iceberg with regard to all of the positive changes occurring. Keep your practice strong, those compliments will snowball, and you will realize that the rumors of the New You were true!

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